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A Quick Restoration Inc. offers a 24/7  planned maintenance service to clients in the Houston area for all types of commercial properties including retail, offices, education, health and many others in both the public and private sectors. If you are interested in discussing how A Quick Restoration Inc. can support your business in a safe and efficient manner, please contact us at 281-908-2219. 


A Quick Restoration Inc. can conduct larger-scale roofing projects to commercial properties including a full roofing replacements.  Our roofing team can provide you with a free quote and a free inspection! From there we will manage your project from beginning to end so that you know your roofing work will be safe, well managed and guaranteed quality.

Our teams are experts at locating the source of a leak or any damages. Our team will repair any internal damage to ensuring a fast and seamless full repair of your roof.  Our technicians can carry out all types of projects including specialized large commercial projects.

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